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Images of Paul Hewitt

Paul boxing with Eddie McCarthy, 1948

Boxing mentor Ken Isaacs

First trip to Florida, 1951

Army days, 1954

Not striking it rich, 1954

Uranium days, 1955

Paul's college photo 1962

Earliest pic of Paul in class, 64

Paul making a point at CCSF, 71

Paul plays flute, CCSF, 71

Paul in class, 72

1980 Portrait of Paul Hewitt

Paul in 1981

Paul in 1982

Paul in 1995

Nail Bed Start

Nail Bed End

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Paul doing the Galileo!

Friends and Family

Early Home

Paul and Marg

Brother Steve

Sister Marge

Son Paul, Luda, and grandkids

Paul and Lillian

Bro Dave, editor Caroline Power

Three Authors

Dave and Barbara


The Fords



Bob, Les, Dave Wall

Les' Kids

Les' Wedding

Lil, Paul & The Ryans

Marshall and Bob

Yvette, Barbara and Les
Paul and Burl

Marshall, Paul, and Nate

Paul Reading